The Route

MeToo University on the road!

Since the birth, in the United States, of the first student networks against harassment in universities, the movements that we know today as MeToo have not stopped growing and spreading. El objetivo de las rutas es poder dar a conocer la problemática en todo el país, llegando especialmente al alumnado de los primeros cursos que inicia este mes la universidad. As several survivors from different national and international university campuses have already done, breaking the silence is the best form of prevention and action on the part of the entire university community.

MeToo University will take place between the 26th and 30th of September in different Spanish universities. There will be two routes, one in the north and another one in the south of Spain. These two routes will have very different destinations and will finally converge in Madrid, where the final event will take place.

The southern route will start on the 26th at the University of Valencia in the morning, leaving the route in the afternoon for the University of Murcia, where an official event will be held. On the northern route, on the 27th we will start with an event at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and then head to the University of Zaragoza. On the 28th, we will stop in the Basque Country, where we will hold different events in San Sebastian, and in Bilbao at the University of Deusto. On the 29th we will continue the march with two more stops planned in Santander in the morning and at the University of Oviedo in the afternoon. Finally, on the 30th we will put the finishing touch in the capital.

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